Rookie Tips For New Paddle Board Fishing Enthusiasts

So, you have recently purchased a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) fishing board, and you cannot wait to go out on the water to catch some fish.

However, you are new to paddle boarding, and you need some tips to help increase your chances of having a successful catch.

The following are some expert tips for paddle boarding fishing newbies to check out. For more tips check out – they have a lot of great info.

Do Not Take A Lot Of Gear

During your first few trips, do not take a lot of gear with you. It will take you some time to find your balance on the board, and a sound wave can quickly knock you down. Even if you are in good physical shape, and consider yourself athletic, you may still feel like a fish out of water (no pun intended) if you have to maintain a lot of gear.

The good news is as your confidence increases; you will be able to take more gear out with you. Remember, paddle board fishing does not require you to be an excellent fisherman. However, you will need to learn how to become a master of your paddle board.

Know Where Your Entry And Exit Plans Will Be In The Waterway

Have you ever launched a kayak from the beach? If so, launching a SUP fishing board will be similar. Keep in mind, the coming in with a paddle board will be a little more challenging. Perhaps the most critical rookie tip is to quickly survey where you will be coming in, and where you will be getting off of the board.

If the beach you will be in has sidebars and rocks, you can avoid damage to the board’s fin by dismounting in waist deep water, carry your gear in one hand, and the board in the other hand.

Keep Your Board Protected

One aspect that is often overlooked by rookie paddle boarders is the best way to transport their boards. Unfortunately, many people have ruined their boards by placing them on the back of a truck. You can purchase a SUP rack that will conveniently fit in the bed of the truck. For those who have an SUV, buy a SUP roof rack.

It is important to protect the paddle board, but it is easy for these paddle boards to experience a malfunction from damage.

These are some of the basic tips that can help new SUP fishing board enthusiasts become adjust while in the water and keeping their gear safe. Although challenging, paddle board fishing can be very rewarding.

Kayaking is Fun!

Welcome to Kayaking Dog. We are your best friend when it comes to kayaking tips and tricks. Not only are we interested in helping your master the use of your kayak but we love to go out on the water ourselves. Kayaking is a great hobby and can be picked up by any person at any age.

There are all sorts of kayaks out there on the market and you should get one that suits your particular desires and the environment you plan on using it in. For example, you will need a completely different boat for a river, a stream, a lake and then again for the ocean. You may be interested in kayak fishing or just want one for recreational use.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to get into kayaking, you are definitely in the right place.