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Poison Plants


Poison ivy is the most common of the poison plants, along with poison oak (which isn't an oak but simply another form of poison ivy) and poison sumac. All 3 have the same toxin agent, urushiol, which causes the irritation and is found in the leaves, stems, and even the roots of all 3. 


Catching poison ivy doesn't require that you touch the plant either. Touching a dog that has walked thought it can transmit the irritation. 


Positive identification is the best means of avoiding trouble with these plants. Except for poison sumac, they are characterized by the well known three leaves on one stem, and usually these leaves have a glossy, almost waxlike sheen on the upper sides.

Poison can sometimes take up to one hour to bond with the skin. Some water splashed on the area can sometimes get rid of the poison altogether.

As taken from; The Campers Bible
Posted Here: 1-5-2015



Apollo Park
York County Parks


Apollo Park was donated to the county in 1969 by P. H. Gladfelter and named in honor of the 1969 Apollo moon landing. Apollo Park was originally two parcels of mostly forested and very wild river hill country joined together to create this 340 acre park located east of New Bridgeville in southeast York County.



The park is a fine example of beautiful Susquehanna River hills habitat: rhododendron, mountain laurel-covered valleys that cut into sharp, heavily-forested slopes falling down to the river. In addition, several clear streams (Wilson Run and Boyd Run) cut through the valleys on their way to the Susquehanna River. 

193-mile Mason-Dixon Trail runs through the park.
Multi-use trail: Open to mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The parking lots are currently too small to accommodate horse trailers.
Fishing: Fishing is permitted in the Susquehanna River as well as in Wilson Run. All Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations apply.
Hunting: Is allowed by Park Permit only. 
Winter activities: Cross country skiing and snow shoeing

Apollo Park, York County Parks
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Terms for Boating

The front end of a boat is its bow,
the other end is the stern
and starboard are lateral terms,
port designating the left side
and starboard the right
when on the boat and facing the bow.

The basic directions on a boat.
Port and starboard may
be kept straight in one's mind by remembering that
port is the shorter word and "left" is shorter than "right."

The disturbed water that a boat leaves astern as result of motion is called wake. Sidewise rotational motion in rough water is called roll, vertical motion as the bow rises and falls is called pitching. A boat yaws when it runs off course to either side. If a boat yaws too widely and is thrown broadside into the trough of the water (between the crests and parallel to them), she broaches to, a dangerous situation that should be avoided.

The three basic motions of a boat are roll, pitch, and yaw.
At sea, these are often combined with uncomfortable results. 

As taken from: Piloting, Seamanship and small boat handling, Chapman
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